Obama’s Cousin WOLF: Liberalism’s Last Stand

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This is an excellent article which, I believe, puts Occupy Wall Street into proper perspective.


What do you think?

A Colorblind America – Linda Chavez

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This is a very interesting (short) article about some of the contrasts between President Obama and Herman Cain.


PC black is not race or skin color.  Black is a political ideology.

OCCUPY WALL STREET: The Pieces Come Together

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Check out this interview with an Occupy Wall Street organizer who speaks of how things are kept running smoothly:



Occupy Wall Street: CAUGHT photoshopping protest crowds

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WARNING: <Very Strong Language> used in this blog exchange by a Canadian photoshopper (Jason Wettstein) who made the changes to a Googlemap image of a NYC Firefighter’s rally (3 Jun 2011) from ONE MONTH BEFORE the Occupy Wall Street protest even began:


The intent to deceive and promote this event with PROPAGANDA is clear.

Priest Lake Couple’s Legal Battle Heads To Nation’s Highest Court

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Herman Cain looks like a very viable Presidential candidate!

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